I Have A Website

But there's not much to see here.

Am I right here?

You did just navigate to this domain. Oh well. I suppose there are many people with the name Daniel Wagner. Did you spot my middle initial? Yeah, it's me. Still not sure? I'm an engineer at Dropbox. If you think that's me then you're right. If not then you're looking for someone else with that name. Sorry.

Tell Me A Secret

Anything you enter will be processed using OpenPGP.js inside your browser and not travel over the internet. You then need to send me your secret (in an email for example).

A secret? Wow! Send me this message (in an email perhaps):


You probably know how to get in touch with me.

This Looks Pretty

Right? The good people over at purecss.io made a thing that's so simple even an infrastructure engineer can use it. I found one of their examples and copied it. It has a somewhat useless menu at the left. It's reactive. I believe that also means it's mobile. Is this the future? Sure seems that way. They say it only "weighs" a few kilobytes. That's not a lot.